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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green Lantern (Eng Movies) Free Download

First off, I have to say my knowledge of the Green Lantern extends as far as knowing that somewhere along the line a ring, a lantern, lots of green and a rhyme are involved and that’s about it. Before the film I didn’t even know our hero’s name so in that respect I know not if this did the comic justice and stuck closely to the ideas and themes or it varied wildly. On the plus side this means I get to learn about a whole new character from scratch and that’s what I love about the movies.

The story follows Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) a jet fighter test pilot following in the footsteps of his father. However his life is turned upside down when he finds himself face to face with an alien who gives him a ring which bestows unto him magical powers that enable him not only the ability to fly but allow anything he imagines to materialise. He is not the only one with a ring though and but part of a larger collective known as the Green Lanterns who are tasked with looking after the universe and protecting it from evil.

Unfortunately I found the action somewhat disappointing not only in its quantity (there wasn’t much) but also in respect to its quality. The options available to our green lanterns are endless, whatever you can think can become real, it’s a scriptwriters dream as anything is feasible as long as they could think of it and yet we are treated to an array of shields and various guns where just a bit more thought could have given us so much more. CGI was a massive factor in this movie as well and for the first time in while I noticed it with the effects feeling slightly incomplete on occasion.

In the supporting cast there was one impressive performance with Mark Strong as Sinestro who should have had more screen time and no poor ones as the cast went about their parts with a minimum of fuss. Reynolds does not quite suit the superhero role but that could just be because I cannot see past him as any character other than a comedic Van Wilder type.

My main gripe with the film though was the characters who were mostly underdeveloped- Hal’s friend picks up Hal in his car and says wow when he sees him showing off his suit. That was it, no other point to him at all. Even stranger, Hal’s sibling’s and nephew were in the start of the movie and then completely cut from the script never to be seen or even heard of again. Also Hal’s love interest Carol (Blake Lively) added looks but no real emotional connection with Hal questioning the inclusion of her at all.

As enemies go Parallax never had me worried and I never felt Hal was in real trouble. The Green Lantern has no weaknesses- Superman has kryptonite, Spiderman has limited powers but the Green Lantern can create anything and go anywhere which led me to never be concerned and so for a rather average viewing experience. I’m assuming in the lifetime of the comics, there were better villains that could have been used for the big screen than Hector Hammond (the giant head) (Peter Sarsgaard) and Parallax (the giant smoky head)?

I think that if this had been released before Thor or X-Men: First Class then it might have faired slightly better but it never captivated me in the same way those movies did. It seems set slightly more towards the younger generation with a few too many plot holes for my liking and I just hope that if a sequel does come about from this, who am I kidding, WHEN a sequel is made, more effort is put into developing the characters. It seems a bit like I hate this movie but it’s not a bad film (remember Catwoman and Daredevil?), it’s just I’d rather save my cash and go with something else instead.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super 8 (Eng Movies) Free Download

I am a proud child of the 80s; a once flannel-wearing, Goonies-watching, Zebra-gum chewing, Q-bert playing brat who recalls a time when there were new episodes of The Snorks, Small Wonder and Manimal airing on fuzzy network television. I present this context because JJ Abrams Super 8 has been specifically made for kids of the 80s and how much you enjoy it make come down to how much you connect with those childhood memories. In the end Super 8 is a great time at the movies without quite being a great film itself. Still, in its search for that elusive ‘magical’ quality that we associate most intimately with Amblin/Spielberg films of yesteryear, it demonstrates real magic in a way that the Berg hasn’t in decades.

 The film opens with a simple image, charged full of meaning. A factory worker is changing a sign that says ‘Days since last accident’ from 174 to 1. Just like that, young Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) has lost his mother. After that, it’s just Joe and his father (Kyle Chandler), the town’s deputy, who has little time for his son and even less in common with him. Joe’s own method of dealing with the tragedy takes the form of model making and horror movies, the latter of which he’s been filming with his good friend Charlie (Riley Griffiths). One night Charlie, Joe and the rest of their crew sneak out to the railway station to film a scene for their Romero inspired zombie flick. Charlie has even invited a girl for the occasion, young Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning), who turns out to be one heck of a line reader; it’s only a few minutes into the shoot before both Charlie and Joe are smitten.

A military train comes rumbling down the tracks in the middle of the scene and Charlie gets the great idea to keep shooting. It is, after all, hard to find good production values when you are a 14 year old. But then, a battered pick-up careens onto the tracks, derails the train and the kids find themselves running and screaming amidst an apocalyptic wreckage of tumbling freight cars and exploding debris. That spectacular crash sequence thrusts Super 8 into the kind of pulpy, sci-fi tinged adventure story that used to pack theaters for summers back in the late 80’s. Local dogs go missing and show up two towns over, the Sherriff encounters something sinister at an empty gas station, cars and appliances are suddenly on the fritz, and Deputy Lamb, now in charge, is trying to figure out why the electricity has gone out and the military has suddenly rolled into his unsuspecting town. The kids race to uncover the truth, and find themselves facing off against not just the imposing Nelec (Noah Emmerich), who is leading the hunt for whatever strange cargo walked away from the crash, but also the bizarre creature he’s hunting.

Super 8 doesn’t coast on its imagery, but actually dares to take the premise seriously and deliver a film that blends the characters into a tale worthy of a 1950’s B-movie. In that world, Super 8 would have featured the mysterious monster and his plight more and might have had a title like The Latch-key Kids Meet the Star Spider. In Super 8 the beastie is more like elaborate window dressing, and when he does show up he’s not nearly iconic enough—Charlie and Joe wouldn’t be painting models of him or putting up his posters—although his motivations and eventual intersection with the characters do create a worthy pay-off.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because Super 8’s greatest strength, is the emphasis it puts on the kids; their big dreams and their not-as-big-as-they-seem struggles. It’s risky working with child actors when their performances are designed to carry the movie, but Abrams pulls it off and I think that’s mostly because of his trio of young stars. Joel Courtney makes Joe’s growing up plausible, he’s natural regardless of whether he’s playing off Kyle Chandler’s beleaguered father figure or a hulking special effect. Elle Fanning is a delight and a discovery as Alice, and although she’s got her sister’s intensity she also possesses an innocent and endearing charm that Dakota never really demonstrated in her early work. Griffiths is good as the heavy-set kid who compensates with bluster and confidence, despite being tender-hearted and vulnerable underneath; it’s refreshing that his weight issues get a single throwaway line and there’s no Chunk dance or demeaning monikers.

Fanning and Courtney really make the slight romantic angle in the film sing with some real heart.   Both Alice and Joe come from broken families, and in another twist that reeks of Spielberg, Deputy Lamb blames Alice’s dad for his wife’s death. This familial friction strains but ultimately only inflames the Alice/Joe relationship, which is more poignant and intelligently written than most ‘first loves’ recorded in Hollywood. Chandler and the adults do their part, and manage to register amidst the copious visual effects that assault the latter half of the story.

Those effects, and the pre-requisite lens flares, bellowing orchestral moments, and close-up framing shots that shrink the world to a kid’s eye view obviously brand Super 8 as a very specific kind of story. Had it not been so eager to embrace all of Spielberg’s ticks and tocks, it might have been an even better movie. Then again, it might also not have the singular and alluring power it has now; in it’s reflected lens, we don’t just see the glowing virtues of the famed director but also his flaws. There are echoes of Spielberg’s dependency on overt sentimentality, his tactic of signing every scene visually when it comes at the expense of the story or actors, and tying his tales in bows and wrapping that their very structure sometimes rejects.

JJ Abrams tackles his own memories and nostalgia and comes up with a film that addresses some of those issues and feelings, and improves on a few (notably the unchecked sentimentality). One of the pivotal scenes in the film involves a young child holding onto a long-treasured trinket, as the small piece of metal weaves and bobs in the air, drawn away to join something larger and greater. The kid lets go, and like those big kids sitting in the audience who share Abrams memories, gains some perspective about that which he gave away. Like the comfortingly cheesy home movie that plays over its final credits, Super 8 functions as a love letter that doubles as a swan song for a particular brand of enchantment that held an entire generation of movie fans in thrall.

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Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (Eng Movies) Free Download

When certain films are released, mostly those of kid-centric variety, critics tend to forget that they’re not necessarily the film’s target audience. So, we here at CinemaNerdz decided we needed the critical viewpoint of a true member of the movie’s intended demographic. Thus, we turn the reins over to Miranda Clarke, age 9, as she shares with us her views on the new comedy “Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer.”

Like all of us, Judy Moody is really looking forward to her summer vacation. Having read and enjoyed the Judy Moody series of books I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I was not disappointed – Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer was great, funny, and I loved it.

The movie is very similar to the book series. Judy (Jordana Beatty) sets out to have the best summer ever in true Judy Moody fashion. She is a great character who is daring and fun, but tends to carry things a little too far. You might think that the movie isn’t what you thought it was going to be when it first starts, but just hold onto your chairs because it draws you into the story extremely well. I liked the way the opening credits began as cartoon drawings then the “real” movie starts up with “live” people. Throughout the movie, Judy has to deal with her brother, Stink (Paris Mosteller), who is obsessed with finding Big Foot and Judy is also nervous about meeting her Aunt Opal (Heather Graham) again, who she hasn’t seen in a really long time. Her summer ends up being full of adventures including riding roller coasters, trying to catch Big Foot (remember, Stink is obsessed with him), and putting hats on lions. However, not all of her adventures were exciting and happy; some were sad and even disgusting.

The story flows well and has few slow parts. Some scenes took a long time to get to the point, especially the picnic scene. But the writers did a great job of choosing my favorite moments out of several of the books and combined them nicely for this movie. They also changed enough to make it interesting even you’ve read the books. One of my favorite parts of the film is when Mouse, Judy Moody’s cat, works the Magic 8 Ball. I think it was a great way to show how talented cats can be. Mouse is a funny and talented cat.

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Viva Riva (Eng Movies) Free Download

Riva is an operator, a man with charm and ambition in equal measure. Kinshasa is an inviting place. With petrol in short supply in DRC’s capital, he and his sidekick pursue a plot to get hold of a secret cache – barrels of fuel they can sell for a huge profit. Of course they’re not the only ones who want the stuff. Cesar is a ruthless, sharply dressed foreigner thriving in Kinshasa’s lawless streets. A female military officer joins the fray.

Even the church will betray its tenets for a piece of the action. But Riva’s main nemesis is Azor, a crime boss in the classic style: big, decadent and brutal. He’s not a man to mess with, but his girlfriend, Nora, may just be the most seductive woman in all of DRC. Riva catches sight of her dancing at a nightclub and it’s not long before Nora matches the fuel cache as a coveted object of his lust.

It’s got equal parts love story, action, and gore and kept me engaged all through. Set in the Congo, it follows the struggles between ruthless gangsters as they fight for control over gasoline, a commodity worth more than a fetch of money in an area where petroleum shortages are severe.

The star actress of the movie who plays Nora is a character entangled in the struggle through her relationship with one gangster and love for another, who happens to be the movie’s namesake, Riva. Nora plays a character who is equally troubling as she is seductive. Set in the Congo, this movie captures the place and its people eloquently, revealing complicated characters in a place plagued by raw poverty and crime.

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Beautiful Boy (Eng Movies) Free Download

When a murderous rampage occurs involving a high school or college-age perpetrator, the initial spotlight shines upon the killer. The usual questions - notably "Why?" - are asked. Inevitably, others, especially the parents, will be pulled into the discussion. Speculation, often misrepresented as fact, will question the upbringing and family life of the murderer and the mother and father will be forced to cope not only with the death-by-suicide of their child but with the perception that they are unindicted co-conspirators. Beautiful Boy, although a fictional account, postulates how such a tragedy might impact the parents of a killer, who are assailed not only by grief but by an almost overpowering sense of guilt.

When children are young, it can be said that parents truly know them. As they grow, however, and begin to withhold thoughts, ideas, and motivations, they become individuals. Tracing the underlying reasons needed to answer "Why?" in the case of an act of carnage can be a difficult and perhaps unachievable task. Parental responsibility, while potentially a contributory factor, can be used as a scapegoat. In Beautiful Boy, the college freshman who plots and executes a Virginia Tech-style spree of carnage, is the same boy loved and nurtured through his first 18 years by his parents. For them, the disconnect is powerful and the question is not "Why?" but "How?" How can their "beautiful boy" have taken this unthinkable step to solve his problems? And, despite the fact that he was living in a college dorm and not at home, how could they not have known?

The film opens with clips of the family - father Bill (Michael Sheen), mother Kate (Maria Bello) and son Sam (Kyle Garner) - in happier times. Cut to the present. Bill and Kate are on the road to divorce. Although they cohabitate under the same roof, they have moved into different bedrooms and live largely separate lives. The one thread still binding them is Sam. One night, he calls. In many ways, it's the kind of regular call parents often get from kids living away from home. This one has a weird vibe, however. For no apparent reason, Sam begins babbling about the geometry of snowflakes. Bill, who is preoccupied, notices nothing out of the ordinary and says goodnight to his son. Kate experiences a momentary misgiving but she too puts it out of her mind. The next day, Sam records an angry message on his hard drive, leaves his dorm room, marches into a full classroom and shoots a lot of people before putting a bullet into his own brain. Bill and Kate hear about the tragedy on the news but they don't know the full extent until a police officer arrives at their front door.

Beautiful Boy is not about Sam. It's not about his motivations or the trigger that propelled him into the death spiral. It's not an examination of his last days. We are provided with glimpses of him through flashbacks and snippets of his final video, but the question of "Why?" is not answered, nor is attempting to do so within the scope of director Shawn Ku's feature debut. Beautiful Boy is about Bill and Kate and what happens to their already troubled marriage once the glue holding it together is removed. It's about the poison that seeps into their blood as they debate the endless unknowable about whether there was anything they could have done. If they had noticed how troubled Sam was during his final call and acted upon that realization, would it have made a difference?

The performances of lead actors Michael Sheen and Maria Bello, both of whose resumes exhibit a willingness to take on difficult roles, are top-notch. Their efforts generate an understanding of their characters as they swing from emotion-to-emotion across a wide spectrum. The acting never sounds a false note, even on those rare occasions when the screenplay, credited to Ku and Michael Armbruster, treads into forced, artificial, or clichéd territory. (The film's ending is problematic, although it's difficult to say whether this is because of scripting deficiencies or choices made in the editing room.) Especially noteworthy is a scene in which Kate confronts a writer who has wormed his way into her confidence. There's no anger in her reaction, just a weary sadness. Supporting performances are provided by Alan Tudyk and Moon Bloodgood as Kate's brother and sister-in-law, and by Meat Loaf Aday as a motel owner with an unvarnished opinion.

Beautiful Boy is a grim, thought-provoking drama. It aims to be both heartbreaking and (in an odd way) inspirational, although the former is more convincingly conveyed than the latter. It's about pain and healing, injury and forgiveness. Some of the feelings it evokes recall the recent Rabbit Hole, about parents failing to cope with the accidental death of a young son, but Beautiful Boy is a more clinical autopsy. The characters are kept at arm's length, perhaps because bringing the audience in closer would create too painful an experience. Nevertheless, even filtered through its distant approach, Beautiful Boy is challenging. The film's strength lies not in what can be found in the screenplay but in the questions that run through the minds of viewers as they experience Bill and Kate's story. I suspect parents will react more strongly to this movie than non-parents. It's hard to imagine anyone, however, leaving the theater without a more thoughtful perspective when considering that, in situations such as the one depicted here, the collateral damage is more far ranging than one might initially suppose.

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Love Wedding Marriage (Eng Movies) Free Download

Mandy Moore plays Eva, a young woman who just married her long-time fiancĂ© Charlie (Kellan Lutz). Eva, incidentally, is a marriage counselor by profession. And if there is a marriage she that idealizes so much, it is her parent’s blissful life. However, things are about to change when out of the blue, her mom and dad had decided to file for divorce.

Baffled by the sudden change in her life and the fact that her own marriage counseling doesn’t seem to work, she tried to pull the strings of all the people around her for her parents to forget about divorce. She desperately wants to straighten her parent’s marital woes and is willing to do all the things necessary. What she doesn’t realize is the fact that she is risking the happiness of her own marriage. Will Eva be successful enough to bring her parents back in each other’s arms or is she going to lose her husband in the process as well?

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Casts : Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz and Jessica Szohr

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ready (Hindi Movies) Free Download

Salman Khan's clearly on a roll. Salmania started with WANTED, continued with DABANGG, and now it's all set to get stronger with READY. In fact, the success of WANTED and DABANGG, was in all likelihood, the reason to make READY. The film has Salman Khan written all over it.

Salman plays Prem (for the nth time), a 'bholi shakal wala kamina'. He stays in a HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN type happy joint family. Sanjana (Asin) enters Prem's life pretending to be the US returned Pooja, Prem's potential wife. Even Prem isn't aware about Sanjana's asliyat. She's actually on the run because of her warring mamas, who want to get her married to their respective saalas, so that they can inherit her property. When Prem is made aware about this, he decides to put an end to the animosity between the brothers, but in his own unique style.

Director Anees Bazmee kicks off the film nicely with short character introductions (Mahesh Manjerekar's forgetful character is clearly lifted from KHOOBSOORAT). And to introduce Prem's character, there's the Character Dheela item song with Zarine Khan. Even the initial fights between Sanjana and Prem infuse freshness. The first half is breezy, sprinkled with the right amount of humour. So far, so good.

After the 'pee/tea break' (read interval), the graph of the narrative does dip. The typical Anees Bazmee type humour takes over. Prem's action scenes in the climax do manage to elevate the proceedings to a certain extent. But unlike DABANGG, there aren't many dialogues or action sequences that you'll treasure for a long time.

Sunil Patel and Thomas Xavier's cinematography is great. Pritam's music is good, with Dhinka Chika being the peppiest number. However some songs do appear forced in the narrative.

Salman Khan is in his element. His usual style and charisma is very much there. Asin is nice and has a meaty role. Paresh Rawal is excellent. Mahesh Manjerekar gets a well etched out character. Manoj Joshi gets a good role. Sudesh Lehri is hilarious. Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Kangna Ranaut, Zarine Khan, Chunky Pandey and Arbaaz Khan are fun to watch in their cameos. All the other actors are fine in their respective roles.

Apart from Salman, READY has enough masala to be a complete entertainer.

P.S. For all the girls, Salman Khan does remove his shirt in one scene.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

American Cyborg Steel Warrior (English Movies in Hindi) Free Download

AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR is yet another science-fiction tale about the future of the human race based on the battle to end all battles. Set seventeen years after the nuclear war, this story's thin plot centers around the need for Mary (Nichole Hansen) to make it to the ocean with her fetus so that a boat can take it to Europe to re-start the human race. A rather nasty Cyborg has been given the order to kill Mary and her child. However, the Cyborg didn't count on Austin, a Daniel Day-Lewis look-alike who can absorb all the kicks, wallopings and trouncings the Cyborg can deliver. Mary and Austin encounter various obstacles en route to their destination but still manage to get the fetus to the ship just in time to place it in an "external womb" in which it will be brought to Europe where it will continue the human race.

The film is long on action and short on thought. It is crippled by excessive darkness of lighting which obscures rather than enhances the action, cheap special effects, jarring editing, claustrophobic sets, repetitive music, and stilted performances. The movie also contains a quite obvious parallel to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Mary, the mother of the test-tube fetus; however, this parallel not only stretches credulity, but also reveals a lack of understanding of the real Baby who became the authentic Savior of the human race.

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Gaja Gamini (Hindi Movies) Free Download

Painter M.F. Hussain´s Gaja Gamini is not a film for everyone. The few who see the film will hate it, and even fewer will understand it. Many critics have deemed this film as "a waste of precious celluloid". I challange these so-called critics and vierwers to find one film that has been as finely executed as Gaja Gamini. Though confusing at times, the film has a deep central message, with good music and fantastic visuals. Every scene is well planned and executed by first-time director M.F. Hussain. In today´s times, a film like Gaja Gamini is very rare. With hardly any mass appeal, besides a stunning Madhuri Dixit and a guest appearance by Shah Rukh Khan (Who appears in a confusing portion of the film as himself), this film spelled instant doom at the box office. Even in limited release, the film has barely managed decent opening day collections. With these facts in mind, I approached the newly released DVD (an excellent one by Yash Raj Home Entertainment) with caution and extremely low expectations.

I was pleasantly surprised by a film that doesn´t always make sense, but portrays a novel idea in a time when brainless action films or cliched romances plague the industry.

Made in a mold very similar to that of V. Shantaram´s films (Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje, Jal Bin Machchli Mrityu Bin Bijli), Gaja Gamini is a timeless film that explores the woman. The central figure of the film is represented by a mysterious figure called "Gaja Gamini" (Madhuri Dixit), who inspires, arouses, and confuses the common man. "Gaja Gamini" is the inspiration behind Leonardo Da Vinci´s (Naseerruddin Shah) ´Mona Lisa´, Kalidas´ poem "Shakuntala", and photojournalist Shah Rukh´s (As himself) photographs. The myseterious "Gaja Gamini" appears as four characters, one of them being Sangeeta, a blind girl from Banaras at the beginning of time, who inspires village women (Farida Jalal, Shilpa Shirodkar, and Shabana Aazmi) to revolt against a male-dominated system and carve a niche for women forever. Another character is Shakuntala, who is the subject of Kalidas´ poem of the same name. Shakuntala incites jealousy in the women and love in the men around her, charming humans and animals alike in the forests of Kerela. "Gaja Gamini" is also Mona Lisa during the Rennaissance, the object of painter Leonardo Da Vinci´s obsession. Finally, Monika, the most confusing sector of the film, is supposed to represent the woman of the New Millenium. Kamdev, the God of Love (Inder Kumar, in a fine breakthrough performance as a hero), walks the earth throughout history, attempting to win the love of "Gaja Gamini", with whom he is in love.

Thrown in to this mix is a large black wall, separating two different time periods, and confrontations between Science (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Art (Mohan Aghashe) at different points in history, showing that the world itself can change, but it´s original ideas will always be permanent. For example, a play by Shakespeare can be written in the 15th Century and performed by actors of that time. The same play will still be performed in the 21st Century, but with different actors. The confrontations between Art and Science also bring about the idea that while Science is firmly set on believing that which can only be proved, the basis for Art is that which can be proved, and an intuitive sense that can be felt. Science uses the brain, while Art uses the brain and the heart. Another interesting facet of the film is a ghatri, a small bundle which a woman carries upon her head, like a burden, with which she must walk forever.

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