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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

American Cyborg Steel Warrior (English Movies in Hindi) Free Download

AMERICAN CYBORG: STEEL WARRIOR is yet another science-fiction tale about the future of the human race based on the battle to end all battles. Set seventeen years after the nuclear war, this story's thin plot centers around the need for Mary (Nichole Hansen) to make it to the ocean with her fetus so that a boat can take it to Europe to re-start the human race. A rather nasty Cyborg has been given the order to kill Mary and her child. However, the Cyborg didn't count on Austin, a Daniel Day-Lewis look-alike who can absorb all the kicks, wallopings and trouncings the Cyborg can deliver. Mary and Austin encounter various obstacles en route to their destination but still manage to get the fetus to the ship just in time to place it in an "external womb" in which it will be brought to Europe where it will continue the human race.

The film is long on action and short on thought. It is crippled by excessive darkness of lighting which obscures rather than enhances the action, cheap special effects, jarring editing, claustrophobic sets, repetitive music, and stilted performances. The movie also contains a quite obvious parallel to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Mary, the mother of the test-tube fetus; however, this parallel not only stretches credulity, but also reveals a lack of understanding of the real Baby who became the authentic Savior of the human race.

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